Standardbred Racing Medication Rules

The United States Trotting Association has proposed modifications of the regulatory policy concerning clenbuterol and betamethasone in Standardbred races.

USTA Letter to Commissions with Proposal: 2018 12 03 USTA Medication Letter to Commissions

ARCI Letter to Commissions: 2018 12 10 ARCI LETTER TO COMMISSIONS

USTA Response to ARCI Letter: 2018 12 18 MedCollaborative Response to RCI Letter

RMTC Scientific Advisory Committee Comments on Proposals. 2019 02 13 – RMTC Comments on USTA Medication Proposal.    List of Members of the RMTC SAC 2019 RMTC SAC Members

MATERIALS FOR REVIEW: (Posted here upon receipt.)


Chronic administration of therapeutic levels of clenbuterol acts as a repartitioning agent | Journal


2015 Finding of the NY Gaming Commission – 2019 02 21 NYSGC findings on clenbuterol

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