Proposed USTA/HRMC medication policy changes for standardbred racing. (Pending)

5/11/2021 UPDATE: The RCI Board voted to rely upon the published McKeever study in setting a standardbred testing threshold for clenbuterol. Additional regulatory restrictions are to be developed to safeguard against the overuse or misuse of this medication and the matter has been referred to the Standardbred Racing Committee and the Veterinarians committee. These additional restrictions are anticipated to be on the July agenda for the Model Rules Committee and will be posted when available.

4/11/2021 UPDATE: Additional documents uploaded.

4/7/2021 UPDATE: The ARCI Scientific Advisory Group met on February 18, 2021 to review a peer reviewed published study by Dr. Ken McKeever et. al, suggested a testing threshold for clenbuterol in standardbred contests. There was a debate within the committee as to the applicability of the findings of this research and, as such, the committee made no recommendation. The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium forward an analysis of the study directly to regulatory agencies. The authors, via the USTA, forwarded a response to those agencies as well. The ARCI Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee will hold a joint meeting with its SAG on Monday, April 12, 2021 to hear both sides.

2/2/2021 UPDATE: The ARCI Scientific Advisory Group has reviewed these proposals and has not made a recommendation, specifically seeking additional information concerning research done on Standardbreds with regard to clenbuterol.

A new research paper was submitted in January, 2021 dealing with clenbuterol. This and other pending matters will be considered by the ARCI Scientific Advisory Group at an upcoming meeting in mid-February. As this matter has been pending, a recommendation from the group is being encouraged – one way or the other. That recommendation would then be considered at the next meeting of the ARCI Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee which is yet to be scheduled.

BACKGROUND: The United States Trotting Association and the Harness Racing Medication Collaborative have proposed model rule changes affecting standardbred races only pertaining to the use of clenbuterol, betamethasome, and methylprednisolone. These proposals are pending recommendations from the RCI Scientific Advisory Group and Standardbred Racing Committees.

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