Clenbuterol in Flat Racing

The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium proposes modification affecting clenbuterol use in thoroughbred racing (it is already a prohibited substance for Quarter horse races).

Essentially, the RMTC proposes: 1) eliminating the thresholds for clenbuterol and move to a LOD policy for this drug; 2) adopt the CPMA’s recommended withdrawal guidance of 28 days; 3) Regulate the use of clenbuterol in training by requiring either formal notification to the commission and/or actual approval from the equine medical director upon review of a submitted application and diagnosis.

Horses so treated would be placed on the vets list and ineligible to race until cleared to do so.

The RCI Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee has already considered this proposal and has voted to move it forward to the Model Rules Committee.

The net result of this will be greater disclosure and control over clenbuterol use in thoroughbred racing and any post race findings will be a violation at any level, similar to quarter horse policy.

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