Cobalt Threshold (Active)

UPDATE: The RCI Model Rules Committee heard a presentation of this matter at its 12/2020 meeting. The matter was assessed by the RCI Scientific Advisory Group on February 18, 2021 and no recommendation was made after much discussion. The current long standing threshold is based on an RMTC recommendation that relied on a research project that has never been published but may soon be resurrected for that purpose. There is no firm date as to when that will happen. As violations have not been called below the new proposed threshold, some on the committee felt no urgency to modify the current threshold.

This raises a key question that the Model Rules Committee needs to consider. Should a peer-reviewed scientific study suggesting a different testing threshold from one based on an unpublished research project that had been considered and recommended by either the RMTC, the HRMC, or the ARCI Scientific Advisory Group be sufficient to trigger a modification of the recommended regulatory policy contained in the Model Rules?

This question will be on the agenda for the next Model Rules Committee meeting for discussion and guidance.

BACKGROUND: The North American Association of Racetrack Veterinarians (NAARV) is requesting that the ARCI modify the Uniform Classification document relating to a threshold for cobalt based upon a new peer reviewed study indicating that a 70ppb threshold would be appropriate. NAARV Proposes that finding below 70ppb do not carry a regulatory penalty.

The proposal and study can be accessed below.

In January, 2021 NAARV submitted an updated proposal document and supporting material.

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