Mandatory DQ of Horses (Active)

UPDATE: FYI – Proposed rules for the US Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority contain a mandatory DQ for horses found to be in violation of the drug rules. The question for the committee will be to support that concept for the HISA and/or modify the ARCI Model Rules accordingly or to oppose the concept, leaving the existing ARCI penalties unchanged. The committee can recommend to the ARCI Board a formal position to take on the matter during the public comment period at the US Federal Trade Commission or the committee can make no recommendation to the Board on the matter.

The current ARCI Penalty Guidelines permit racing officials to consider mitigating circumstances as to whether a horse with a positive test for a prohibited drug should be disqualified. While horses found to have a prohibited drug in their system are usually DQ’d, the penalty guidelines do permit the Stewards to mitigate that action and allow the horse to stand, particularly when a finding of a lesser substance is detected.

The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium proposes a review of this matter and the possible elimination of this discretion for some substances.

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