Reciprocity and Central Database

11/10/2023 UPDATE: It was determined at the summer meeting that some member jurisdictions would reach out to the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority to facilitate a cooperative sharing of regulatory data so State Commissions would fulfill their responsibilities. The Committee will be updated on those contacts and how RCI staff has worked around the obstacles that exist.

PREVIOUS: ARCI-003-025 – Rulings In Other Jurisdictions provides for reciprocity  between racing regulatory authorities where a regulatory authority and stewards/judges honor rulings from other regulatory entities jurisdictions regarding license suspensions, revocation or eligibility of contestants.  With major changes affecting the regulation of thoroughbred racing in the US, the long established practice of sharing regulatory ruling information centrally between licensing entities is in jeopardy.

The committee is being asked to consider whether the Model Rules should include “Best Practice” regulatory language (to be drafted) requiring the sharing of otherwise public information in an integrated way to facilitate the execution of licensing assessments of regulatory entities as well as reciprocity of ruling enforcement.

This issue requires a conversation due to reluctance on the part of some HISA staff to provide a digital feed of public ruling information to be incorporated in the central rulings databased relied upon by other regulatory authorities for purposes of reciprocity and licensing (new and renewal) suitability.

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