Pending Model Rule Proposals

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 2:00-4:30pm, Embassy Suites, Arcadia, CA, USA

Vet Record Access on Ship-Ins

On February 13, 2019, The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium submitted a modified request to amend the Model Rules to require trainers to submit, upon request, the vet records of horses not stabled at the track for the fourteen days prior to the scheduled race. Click HERE to access and download the proposed Model Rule.

Standardbred Racing Medication Rules

The United States Trotting Association has proposed modifications of the regulatory policy concerning clenbuterol and betamethasone in Standardbred races. USTA Letter to Commissions with Proposal: 2018 12 03 USTA Medication Letter to Commissions ARCI Letter to Commissions: 2018 12 10 ARCI LETTER TO COMMISSIONS USTA Response to ARCI Letter: 2018 12 18 MedCollaborative Response to RCI Letter RMTC…

Jurisdiction Over the Horse (CARRY OVER ITEM)

THIS ISSUE WAS SET ASIDE AT THE DECEMBER, 2018 MODEL RULES COMMITTEE MEETING DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS AND THE DESIRE TO ADDRESS ACTION-READY ITEMS. Background: In December, 2017 the ARCI Board formally called for the expansion of regulatory authority over those aspects of the racing industry that are not currently subject to the independent oversight…

Interference (Hold Over Item)

INTERFERENCE – FLAT RACING This matter was discussed at the last Model Rules Committee meeting.  No action was taken..  There are two philosophies concerning interference in flat racing, creating an inconsistency for riders and fans.   Please see the attached documents for a background as well as the proposed approach that has been adopted by…

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