Pending Model Rule Proposals

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 8, 2019 and Friday, August 9, 2019 - Holiday Inn, Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY USA

Stewards Records & Reports

The Racing Officials Accreditation Program has wihdrawn their proposed amendment to ARCI 006-015 I(1)(3), Stewards’ Records and Reports and J(1) Stewards’ List. The Model Rules Committee considered this item at the April meeting and did not take action. A new proposal has been submitted by the joint Stewards Advisory Committee.

Electronic Treatment Record Submissions

The ARCI Model Rules currently require all treatment records be submitted to the regulatory veterinarian or commission designee. This amendment would require the electronic submission of those records in a form determined by the commission. It would also require the disclosure of a diagnosis so as to understand the reason for the treatment.


The Drug Testing Standards and Practices (DTSP) Committee has released for consideration Proposed Revised Penalty Guidelines for violations of the anti-doping or medication rules in horse racing.    The proposed modifications represent the first major rewrite of the penalty guidelines in more than a decade and would dramatically increase sanctions on those violations that can…

USTA Proposals.

The United States Trotting Association has submitted the following thirteen proposals to modify the ARCI Model Rules in order to be consistent with the USTA adopted rules or positions advocated by the USTA Board of Directors. These rules were considered by the ARCI Standardbred Committee on July 30, 2019. Committee actions are noted below. All…


INTERFERENCE – FLAT RACING This matter was discussed previously.  No action was taken.    This issue is on the agenda as informational as it will be discussed at length during the the joint RCI/IFHA harmonization meeting that will occur Friday, August 8, 2019. The events of the 2019 running of the Kentucky Derby raise the…

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