Pending Model Rule Proposals

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July /10, 2018 1:30pm-4:30pm and Wednesday, July 11, 9:00am-Noon, Omaha, Nebraska USA. (Meetings held at the Capitol Marriott.)

Microchips, Digital Registration, Horse ID

The committee will be asked to consider the following: A proposed amendment to ARCI-006-020 Racing Secretary and an amendment to ARCI-010-030 Horses Ineligible.   2018 061718 TRPB MEMO for two minor model rules additions re digital certificates and digital tattoos 2018 0618 TRPB submission form    

Concussion Protocol Amendment

This is an amendment to the recently passed revisions to ARCI-007-020 Facilities And Equipment dealing with concussion protocols.  The proposal has been submitted by Michael Hopkins, RCI Chair and Executive Director of the Maryland Racing Commission.   2017 06 Hopkins Proposal – concussion

Sports Betting Rule Proposal

In the United States, the Supreme Court cleared the way for states to authorize and regulate sports betting.   Several ARCI Members will be involved with that regulation in their jurisdiction.   As there are currently no regulatory guidelines governing sports betting in the Model Rules, the committee is being asked to create a new…

Interference (Hold Over Item)

INTERFERENCE – FLAT RACING This matter was discussed at the last Model Rules Committee meeting.  No action was taken..  There are two philosophies concerning interference in flat racing, creating an inconsistency for riders and fans.   Please see the attached documents for a background as well as the proposed approach that has been adopted by…

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