Proposed USTA/HRMC medication policy changes for standardbred racing.

The United States Trotting Association and the Harness Racing Medication Collaborative have proposed model rule changes affecting standardbred races only pertaining to the use of clenbuterol, betamethasome, and methylprednisolone. These proposals are pending recommendations from the RCI Scientific Advisory Group and Standardbred Racing Committees.

STANDARDBRED Racing Proposals

The US Trotting Association has proposed two modifications which are currently before the Standardbred Racing Committee: Amend ARCI-021-020 FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT (D)(5)(6) Racetrack to add racetrack maintenance guidelines. Amend ARCI-024-010 DECLARATIONS AND DRAWING (C)(4) Qualifying Races in regard to the use of hopples.

Virtual Racing

Update: July 2, 2020. The Model Rules Committee met and considered the committee proposal and based upon items raised as to certain language contained in the committee proposal, the proposed rule was remanded to the Pari-Mutuel Auditors Committee to address whatever technical matters need to be clarified. It is anticipated that this will be considered…

Riding Crop in Flat Racing

UPDATE July 21, 2020 – The Jockey’s Guild, the Jockey Club, the Thoroughbred Safety Alliance, and a representative of the ARCI/ROAP Stewards Committee will participate in a webinar for regulators on this issue on July 28, 2020. Following that forum/debate the regulators will provide direction to RCI staff as to how to proceed on this…


UPDATE: July 3, 2020 – This matter is open for industry comment. Comments should be directed to A special meeting of the Model Rules Committee will be convened to discuss this in early August, 2020. UPDATE: On March 12, 2020, the Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee made final recommendations on revisions to the…

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